About us

KRAn- und FOerder- TEChnik - Crane and Conveyor Technology

The family-operated business KRAFOTEC was founded in December 1997 in Wittenberg by the electrical engineer, Dirk Pannier and mechanical engineer Bernd Neubert. It followed by the takeover of the previously existing Wittenberg crane construction company, which, had to close for the remaining 200 employees in 1997 due of the political and economic changes in 1989.


With initially three KRAFOTEC employees the first modification and disassembly orders were taken on the grounds of Dessauer Straße 280. Others soon followed construction projects so that the workforce could be continuously expanded.


With the retirement resignation of Mr. Bernd Neubert in 2005, Mr. Gunter Woitschig assumed his position, finishing in 2012.


Since July 2012, KRAFOTEC continues to be a family-run company led by Dirk Pannier as sole director and shareholder.


The scope of the company includes mechanical engineering, electrical system for crane and conveyor technology, special steel construction, design and engineering.


Approximately 70 employees - professionals with great experience and excellent technical knowledge in steel and crane construction - are currently working with KRAFOTEC.