Delivery and Performance


Mechanical engineering, steel and electrical equipment for crane and conveyor systems as well as special steel

Design and Construction:

Create specific design solutions including static and engineering calculations
Creation of electrical projects
Create complete manufacturing drawings, including documentation
Feasibility studies, such as capacity increases

Retrofitting and Upgrading:

Basic maintenance of portal and bridge cranes
Supply and replacement of components
Parts repair
Conversion to remote control, as well as supply and installation of overload protection with load profile counters

Steel and Plant:

Design, manufacture and assembly of special portal bridge cranes and steel structures

Electrical Department:

Risk analysis for crane systems
E-planning by means of eplan8 in version 2.4
Software development with partner companies (SALO Lobenstein, ESA Barleben und MITTEC Wittenberg)
Prefabrication of frequency inverter parameters
Ordering materials through purchasing KPW
Production of switchboards, terminal boxes and PLC control systems
assembly of crane electrical rooms
Electrical manufacturing to the finished crane steel construction
Electrical installation at the customer
Measuring and testing work
Crane commissioning
Accompanied by expert inspections
Creation of documentation

Service Department:

Annual BGV D6 review of cranes and hoists
Crane repairs of all kinds
Conversions and retrofits
Maintenance on cranes
Optimization of crane systems
Increase the load capacity
Education or training of operating personnel and crane operators
Service contracts




Handling complete installation services from both new and old systems, Including: cranes, dismantling, special transportation, installation, commissioning and expert inspection


Heavy duty / special transportation and complete assembly of foreign manufactured cranes (e.g., portal, bridge and unique cranes)


On request, only steel erection or only electrical installation, with or without the startup of your crane

Dismantling, relocating, re-assembly of existing cranes
Dismantling of older cranes for scrapping
Remodeling, conversions, and load increases on your existing cranes
Assembly of crane tracks for portal, bridges and special cranes
Surveying, alignment, and rehabilitation of existing and old crane tracks
Providing supervised installation for your fittings


Providing crane technicians, electrical technicians and commission your installation changes


Supply and installation of special and general components for cranes and material handling equipment, such as lifting accessories of all kinds, complete cats, trolleys, etc.

Qualifications and Licenses:

Certification according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008
Certification according to DIN EN ISO 3834-2


Certificate of qualification for welding of steel structures according to DIN 18800 - 7:2002 - 09 Class E


Authorization for activities in foreign facilities pursuant to § 20 of the Radiation Protection Ordinance

Semiautomatic welding process (submerged arc welding)



Electrical and Automation

Electrical Project
Control Cabinet
Control Software
Drive Engineering